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If you think that giving up is an option and you can’t go any further…let me introduce you to Ms. Shontelle DuBois. She is a woman that does not allow the challenges and obstacles that life has thrown at her to keep her down. This is a woman who did not have a place to train her clients so she turned to the only place available to her; the stairwells of her Jane and Finch apartment building.

This caused many critics to laugh but it did not stop Shontelle DuBois from waking up every morning to sweep the stairwells in preparation for her clients. Her goal oriented mindset and hardworking ethic allowed her to open her own fitness studio.

Shontelle is so incredibly caring, when her clients struggled to cook their meals to stay consistent with their customized meal plans, she would cook her clients’ meals. Shontelle is the embodiment of determination and pure willpower coupled with a beautiful caring nature thus spawning her slogan “..because I care”.


Let’s take a flashback at Shontelle’s personal weight loss journey prior to becoming a certified personal trainer. A few years ago, Shontelle was involved in a terrible 7-car accident. Her injuries from the accident resulted in sciatic nerve pain and extreme vertigo. 


Consequently, Shontelle completed 3 years of rehabilitation to regain full mobility. During this time Shontelle fell into a deep depression and subsequently, became a full blown diagnosed binge eater, losing full control of her eating habits and unable to stop herself from binging throughout the night. Shontelle would wake up and eat large amounts of carbs and candy, fall asleep, only to repeat this behaviour every 2 hours.


This led to Shontelle gaining weight very quickly, she now weighed the heaviest she had ever been before; 245 pounds. Shontelle decided enough was enough. She looked at her daughter and used her as motivation to find strength. She soon found herself losing more weight than anticipated; the more weight she lost the more people were amazed.


Shontelle naturally lost a total of 105 pounds in 5 months. Her journey quickly attained a following on social media with people of the same or similar problems; with this in mind, Shontelle resolved to personally helping others on their quest for better mental and physical health. It is exactly at this moment that Shontelle found her calling and became a certified personal trainer. As Shontelle’s clientele is growing the loving and caring side of Ms. Dubois is becoming even more evident. Now all of her clients are receiving phenomenal life changing results right before our eyes and it’s simply “..because she cares”!